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The Club Drugs Wheel

The Club Drugs Wheel is a collaborative project with The Loop, designed as a large display poster for festivals. Please feel free to print these files for your purposes, in line with our licencing terms. Two UK display sizes are available here, along witth Australian Club Drugs Wheel an  a Powerpoint introduction.


v 1.0.3 W-15 and W18 removed from opioids, see research

v 1.0.4 Removed 10 substances of low prevalence, added MXiPr, synthetic cannabinoids and novel opioids

v 1.0.5 Added Eutylone, 4-CMC, removed butylone, 4-MTA, 5-API, removed MXM, replaced MXiPr with MXPr

v 1.0.6 Position corrected for MDMB-4EN-PINACA (under Misuse of Drugs Act)

v 1.0.7 Replaced Ethyphenidate with Methyphenidate, added Modafinil and 3-MMC (stimulants), THC, CBD and Delta-8 THC (cannabinoids)